Living Beyond Limits

If Olympic inspiration isn’t enough to make us think twice about getting up off the sofa then this TED talk surely will. Not only does it make you appreciate everything that little bit more, but talks like this make me realise that there is more potential in me and everyone around me than we tap in to.

As far as inspiration goes, I would love to translate this into the workplace….

One thought on “Living Beyond Limits

  • I watched this a few weeks ago and it is very moving. What I can’t fathom is why it takes a precipitous event for us to realise we have potential.

    If pressed, I’d say we don’t have time and space in the workplace to do so and that it’s only when you’re laid on a hospital bed for weeks that you have time to figure it all out. It’s why middle aged men who have heart attacks suddenly work out that work should be a lesser part of their life etc. etc.

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