One thought on “Who owns your content?

  • Hi Jenni,

    Here’s what might be a surprising comment for you – everyone can. We’re really embraced our ‘trustworthy’ value with the creation of our new intranet, and given all users creation, editing and deletion permissions. Of course, we’ve backed that up with some pretty robust version control and roll-back facilities, but if someone wants to go and delete the Chief Exec’s content then they can do exactly that!

    If you were to hazard a guess at how many negative incidents we’ve had, you’d be close if you said “a handful”, because the correct answer is zero! One might say that the workforce the intranet’s currently available to is fairly passive, and also limited in size (c.400), but considering they’ve had these premissions for several months it’s great evidence that in order to give strength to your valules, you need to live them at all levels and in all decisions.

    We’ll have a stronger test as we roll the intranet out to the first chunk of the retail estate – so in a week’s time I might be eating my words…


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