Over the past few weeks the role of confidentiality has come up with employees talking about work on social media platforms. It led me to wonder just what is classed as confidential information about a business… financial information, working practices, day-to-day politics? And is it different for every business?

You could argue that my diary of an internal communicator was breaching confidentiality as I was talking about the business and my plans to implement change but then I see it is as sharing knowledge with my peers. So if there is an online portal for people to talk about work and your employees do, open and honestly, is this breaching confidentiality? How would you know if they were telling people in a pub, bar or party? and if it is seen as a breach how do you manage it?

Is this a challenge many communicators face or is it another thing to add to the list about why we should ban social networks in the office and why we should have a social media policy in place?

I welcome your thoughts…